The Zlatibor Regional Development Agency

The Zlatibor Regional Development Agency was founded in 2002 as a result of identified needs of the local self-governments in the Zlatibor region. The aim was establishing an institution that will, by encouraging and building partnership relations with relevant development actors, become the carrier of socio-economic development in the long term. Through many years of business operations, special emphasis has been given to supporting entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurial ideas through training, counselling and mentoring newly founded and existing business entities. Continuous supporting entrepreneurship also resulted in establishment of functional clusters that contribute to improving the competitiveness of certain economy sectors.

During previous 20 years, Zlatibor RDA led the processes of developing strategic documents in the Zlatibor region, implemented projects valued over 15 million EUR and through various programmes (domestic and international) provided support to more than thousand small and medium-sized enterprises.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Technopolis

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Technopolis is the most important center for the development of innovative and startup companies and entrepreneurship in Montenegro. It was founded by the Government of Montenegro, as one of the key actors in the creation and transformation of the Montenegrin innovation ecosystem. Since it officially started working in a new building in the center of Nikšić on September 17, 2016, Technopolis provides a number of infrastructural and other support measures that enable the opening of new companies and the development of business based on new, innovative ideas and technologies.

IEC Tehnopolis is an internationally recognized and credible center of innovative activity in Montenegro, which carries out activities for the development of innovative entrepreneurship, the modernization and improvement of the competitiveness of the economy, the creation of new knowledge, the development and application of product and process innovations, the use of innovative technologies, the introduction of new business models, as well as the development capacity and infrastructure needed to support the mentioned activities.


The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is an autonomous, business, professional and interest-based organization, which is independent in its work.

The main aim of CEM is to represent and pursue common interests of the members of CEM, i.e. of the whole Montenegrin economy. CEM encourages economic activities based on a free and open market, freedom of entrepreneurship and competition, autonomy of economic entities and their liability for obligations assumed in legal transactions. The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro encourages balanced economic development.